A Sheer Descent Waterfall – RB Project #5.6

In a previous post for this project I showed the construction phase of this sheer descent waterfall and promised a few pics when it was running.  Well, here it is and I hope you agree its an elegant feature to this pool and setting.

To me, from a design perspective, the precision of the falling sheet of water complements the predominantly linear aspects of the patio and pool.

Another cool feature is the geyser-like fountain in the jacuzzi/spa. This particular effect is produced by a stainless steel aerator nozzle made by Oase. I’ve used this same nozzle/fountain in garden waterfeatures before, but never in a swimming pool application. I really like it because it has such a “natural” look about it. It’s also nice to be in the spa while the fountain is operating.

Having the precision of the sheer descent waterfall and the whimsy of the geyser fountain makes for an interesting and entertaining combination.

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