Dry-set Stone Walls Meet Masonry Stone Steps – RB Project #8.4

Hardscape · Written by Roger

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bluestone.wall1As you can see the stone walls on the project are moving along nicely.  Of course the progress you see did not happen over night.

These bluestone walls are being built by Lester Szajna (LA Contributor) and his crew.  If you stood there and watched for awhile, you would admire the skill and patiencebluestone_hand.tooled these stone masons have. Each piece of stone must be hand-tooled to achieve the fit and finish a styled wall like this requires. In addition to building for structural integrity, there’s a constant attention to appearance.  We wanted a generous mix of larger stones in the wall.  This would give an appropriate look of scale and proportion considering the height and length of the wall.

Notice how the filter fabric and gravel is following up the backside of the wall as it’s being built. At the base of the wall and surrounded by gravel is a perforated drain pipe that will carry away any water that might collect behind the wall.  This is certainly one of the key ingredients to long-lasting wall construction.  If you’re a homeowner and the contractor is not providing this in their construction, call your town’s buiding dept. If you’re a contractor and you’re not providing this in your construction the odds are very good your wall will fail in time, your customer will be upset and your reputation will take a major hit.

In my last post on this project we saw the block work being done for the masonry steps.  Below we see the integration of the dry-set stone wall work with the masonry steps.  The bluestone on the face of each step riser is cut as a veneer. The pattern appears as a seamless connection to the wall. Bluestone step treads will soon be added.

Next we’ll take a look at the start of the other features on this project.  We’re already installing conduits, utilities and other provisions to support them.bluestone.wall&steps

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