Back Yard Gardens

The back yard is really an extension of the home\'s living space - only the rooms are now outdoors.

Border & Screen Gardens

The principle purpose for border gardens is to help define the space. Screen gardens serve to block or \"diffuse\" a view.

Deck Gardens

Deck gardens can help to better integrate these structures with the landscape.

Driveway Gardens

Driveways are essential for most homes; well-designed gardens can soften their expanse and impact.

Foundation Gardens

A foundation planting/garden creates a \"setting\" for the building so it appears to be part of the landscape.

Front Yard Gardens

Front yard gardens should complement the home without distracting from it.


A hedge is a row of closely planted shrubs or low-growing trees, which does not necessarily have to be a border planting.

Patio Gardens

A patio is a place to relax and enjoy; the surrounding gardens should follow that theme.

Pool Gardens

The garden is one of the key factors to integrating the pool with the property.

Seasonal Gardens

Seasonal gardens are designed to offer something interesting at different times of the year.

Slope Gardens

Slope gardens help to control erosion and simplify maintenance - that doesn\'t mean they can\'t look good too.

Walkway Gardens

Walkway gardens welcome visitors and can be designed to guide people in different ways.

Wall & Fence Gardens

These gardens typically complement landscape walls & fences, but sometimes they are used to hide unsightly ones.

Water Feature Gardens

A water feature relies heavily on the surrounding garden setting.

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