Arbors, Pergolas & Other Garden Structures

While some garden structures are custom built, many are available pre-made and ready for assembly.


Decks today are constructed of both natural and man-made materials.


Cabanas can be simple shelters for lounging and shade, or home-like buildings with all sorts of amenities.

Decorative & Holiday Styles

Your landscape and gardens can be "accessorized" for those special times of year.

Doors & Entrances

The front entrance of your home is a focal point. It should clearly standout and draw visitors to it.

Driveways & Curbing

Driveways are truly characteristic of the design principle "form follows function". They must serve to be safe and practical while also looking good.

Fences & Gates

While often used for privacy and enclosure, fences & gates also make a significant design contribution.

Fireplaces & Barbecues

Outdoor living spaces today combine the comforts of your home with beautiful gardens and fresh air.


From natural materials to man-made, the choices are many. There are pieces that appear as "one with the garden" and those designed to "make a statement".

Garden Art

Yes, art in the garden! The two can work beautifully together.

Site Amenities

More and more of today's comforts are designed for the outdoors.


Lighting is primarily chosen for illumination, but style and finish are also considerations.

Assorted Stonework

A collection of creative uses of natural stone and boulders in the landscape.

Patios, Terraces & Landings

Patios, terraces and landings are the outdoor, structural equivalents to the rooms in your house.

Piers & Mailboxes

Piers can be for structural support. They can be decorative. Piers can be designed to accommodate lighting, signage, planters, mailboxes and all sorts of architectural accessories.

Planters & Ornaments

These garden accessories are not essential, but the beauty and pleasure they bring are unquestionable.

Play & Recreation

Outdoor living often includes fun and games; there are all sorts of recreational features you can design right into the landscape.


Swimming pools require design and site engineering considerations.

Walks & Pathways

Walks & Paths in the garden can be made from a variety of materials.

Walls & Steps

Walls and steps often help define the different spaces or rooms in the landscape. They also add depth and dimension.

Water Features

Water features can add so much to a landscape including sound.

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