Pool Cabana Progress – RB Project #6.15

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Pool Patio To Bar Area

In an earlier post on the Cabana Framing we saw how the concrete slab for the bar area was recessed to give room for the pool patio stone work.  To the right you see stone mason Lester Szajna bring the dry-set Norwegian Buff stone right into the bar area. This stone is a type of quartzite, is quite hard and as a result takes time to cut. The stone is set with no joints, except where the dry-set patio stones meet the pool coping. The coping stone is cemented to the pool “beam” and is, therefore, one with the pool structure.  Whereas the dry-set patio is independent and like all dry-set construction, will move fractionally with the seasons.  Therefore, there must be a space between the two stone features so that any slight movement in the dry-set patio will not touch and dislodge the cemented coping stone. In this joint space there will be a flexible material installed.

The Cabana Work Continues

With the patio stone work completed up to and around the cabana, the carpenters can now continue with the finish details on the exterior and bring their work right down to the patio stone. All the trim material is Azek, a PVC based product.  The look is as beautiful as wood and will last for many years with little to no maintenance.

Here’s the previous post for this project. And here’s the next.

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    9 Responses to “Pool Cabana Progress – RB Project #6.15”

    1. Mark Baumann Says:

      What is the dimensions of the pool house?

    2. Roger Says:

      The pool house is 12′ X 21′.

    3. Mark Says:

      Thanks for the reply. One more question about the bar area opening. You say you are using a louvered, stainless steel, overhead door. Just wondering if this is what you did and was this custom made? Does it roll up like a garage door on tracks?

    4. Mark Bumann Says:

      What type of door did you end up using for the bar area? Some sort of a roll up overhead louver door?

    5. Roger Says:

      Sorry it took some time to get back to you. I wanted to stop by the project and take pictures of the louvered door on the cabana counter area.

      One of the pictures has the manufacturer’s label and contact information.

      Hope these help:


    6. Tiffany Mosher Says:

      Hi – I love this concept – it looks beautiful! Would you be willing to share photos of the inside?


    7. Roger Says:

      Sorry, but unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the cabana’s interior. If the opportunity arises, and I’m on the property, I should get permission to photograph the interior. Naturally, I’m always focused on what’s happening on the outside.

    8. Jameyra Roman Says:

      Just wondering about how much on average does a project like this cost?

    9. Roger Says:

      It’s difficult to say because the way I work on my projects, the clients have direct contracts with the various contractors, i.e. pool builder, cabana builder, hardscape contractor, etc.

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