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The Lawn Should Be Last

Following our strategy from day 1, which was to literally start at the back of the property and work our way out, it was time to sod level 2 (a.k.a pool/cabana level).

Before this stage we followed the same approach by completing the sportcourt level including sod before moving onto the pool level.

This strategy of completing each level separately was challenging because all of the landscape’s elements and their respective contractors had to be scheduled in stages. Normally, for example, an irrigation contractor would come in and do most if not all the irrigation work in one stint.

Fortunately all contractors were aware of the intended strategy from the beginning and cooperated nicely with the scheduling.

With all the elements on level 2 in place both above and below the ground (there’s a myriad of utilities underground), the proposed lawn area is finish graded and the bedlines are painted.

As with most phases of contracting work there should be a system in place where each crew member has a designated task.  Collectively the job is done well and efficiently.

Here we see two crew members essentially on their knees – their task is to fit and cut the sod where necessary.

Notice the full width roll along the edge.  This is done to avoid small pieces that could occur along the edge and potentially dry out.  This way all the cuts are within the inside and nestled against this “full roll”.

While the two guys are busy fitting the sod, the third crew member brings the sod and sets it down close to where it’s needed.  The sprinkler system is already installed in this area, and as soon as the sod is down the particular zone is turned on.

Now that the pool/cabana level is complete, look for the upcoming photos.  Well… on to level 3 and 4 and what I’d like to call “the home stretch”.

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