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How To Prune Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing Hydrangea is a beautiful and useful climber, but it can get crazy on you if you let it. It is deciduous, but considered a 4 season plant mainly because: It has lush dark green leaves. It flowers white in early summer. It has bright yellow fall color and cinnamon colored exfoliating bark. As you […]

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How To Prune Viburnum juddii

Prune Right And You’re A “Rock Star” It’s not unusual for a homeowner to hire an independent contractor to do the pruning. Meanwhile, their regular maintenance contractor not only misses out on the work, but loses some credibility. Clearly proper pruning is a skill-set that customers are looking for and have trouble finding. The few […]

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How To Prune Gold Coast Juniper

This Gold Coast Juniper is planted a bit close to the walkway, but for a reason.  The walkway traverses along the precipice of a steep slope.  There isn’t much room near the path to plant and we wanted a dense planting to discourage people from going near the slope’s drop-off. Gold Coast Juniper is a […]

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