What Is Good and Bad Taste?

Design · Written by Roger

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I don’t know that there is a definitive answer for that question. After all, isn’t good taste a subjective thing? For instance, I don’t happen to like yellow cars and yet, not a day goes by where I don’t see a few on the road. So are yellow cars good taste or bad taste?

You know what’s great about this?  It’s America and our forefathers founded this country so that we could all enjoy certain freedoms, and isn’t taste a freedom of expression?

By the way, speaking of taste and expression, you’ll notice the house pictured above is for sale.  I’d guess any buyer would have a pretty strong bargaining position considering the current housing market.  Not to mention the fact that this house is on a relatively busy street and has some “unique” (ahem!) design aspects.

Unusual taste (there, that’s more politically correct) may be appreciated by some, but there may come a time when you wished that demographic was bigger.

What I tell my clients when it comes to design decisions is to avoid “fad-like” choices that are as likely to go as fast as they came. Remember, as much as you may like something and swear you’ll never get rid of it, odds are good you will want to someday.  Plus, if you’re looking to sell the house, that decision you made “back when” will have to be sold to someone else.

We all look back on some of the decisions we thought were in good taste at the time and now say, “What the #%$@ was I thinking”!  That’s OK.  Think of it as part of the process of self-development.

I know my taste and design judgement has gotten better over the years because now instead of laughing, people are smiling.

Do you think there ever can be a definition for good taste or bad taste?  Of course it has to be one we can all live with!  Feel free to let it all out in the comments section below.

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