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Today, more than ever, business is based on reputation and word-of-mouth.

Homeowners are looking for contractor recommendations.  They want to hear from other people about their home improvement experiences and be assured they’re making the right choices.

We have come full circle and are returning to how business used to be.

This is great news for any company that does great work and then builds relationships with the people involved.

That’s what LandscapeAdvisor is all about.  With pictures and other content I show you:

  • how to use even the most fundamental skills of our trade to produce results this industry does not generally get.
  • how to build relationships with customers and other like-minded tradespeople so you can be consistently productive and profitable.  These are the people we want to do business with.
  • how to combine these and other traits of our “owner/operator model” to have a lean, small business that does some pretty amazing work.  Work that people want to tell their friends about.
If you build a reputation on these principles you’ll have the basis for the “coveted” referral work.  There is no better way to do business.

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About Roger Bisbe

I’m a professional landscape designer with over 35 years experience.  The majority of that time I operated a landscape company where I designed projects and produced them with our crews and equipment.  I also developed working relationships with other companies to do some of the specialized work.

7 years ago I dissolved the contracting division of the business and now operate as a designer / project manager.  I really enjoy working through the entire process with the homeowner.

As a designer / project manager I provide the level of detail I know the planning phase requires, and then implement the project by bringing together the best tradespeople in their respective fields.

LandscapeAdvisor is an extension of what I do everyday – and that is to help and advise on all topics that make up a successful landscape.

My aim is to teach small and solo businesses how to do great work and build a remarkable reputation and business because of it.

If you currently have a landscape business or would like to start one, my articles can help. I write them in the context of how I operate my company to consistently grow a loyal customer base and “word-of-mouth” business.

You can find out more about me and my business timeline here.

Contact Me

I welcome your e-mails with any thoughts or questions you may have about the landscape business you own or plan to start.  I’m here to help, and your comments and questions help me to know what topics to cover and where people may be “getting stuck”.

All the best!


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