A Landscape Business Roadmap — For Today’s Market and Your Future

Landscape Business Blueprint

You probably wonder what’s the next step for your landscape business. I think we all do.

And if you’re just starting out — what’s the first step?

It’s great to think about expanding operations and maybe starting new services. That’s part of the reason we got into our businesses. Freedom and control.

But decisions like that can be unnerving. Like most of us, there might be a few serious “what-if’s” running through your mind. […]

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7 Powerful Principles to Build a Rock-Solid Landscape Business

Business Strategy · Written by Roger



Did you know that the largest segment of landscape businesses have 1-5 employees?

Why is that?

Many of us are independent types that like things a certain way. We also like having fewer things that can go wrong. :-)

Plus, our work, our trade is important to us.

And we like the relationships that go with it.  The loyal customers and like-minded tradespeople we work with make it awesome.

The idea of growing our businesses by getting bigger — well that can be a scary thought.  And maybe one you’d rather not consider. […]

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The Critical Component That Grows Your Landscape Business (Throughout Your Career)

the critical component that grows your landscape business

Did you ever think about where you and your landscape business will be next year, in 5 years, or even 20 years from now?

I don’t think many of us think much beyond the work of the current day or job.

You just go out everyday with one main goal — get work done.  Whatever it takes.

So you “wear many hats”.  You’re a salesman, designer, foreman, machine operator, laborer… You’ve got attention-to-detail covered and your crew is learning things correctly from you.  Your customers love the work.

It’s all good.  In fact it’s necessary if you’re going to stand out.

The most respected people I know in the trade have a background of hands-on involvement.  It’s what’s given them real problem solving skills — something this industry sorely needs more of.

But what about down the road, when you’re older, have back-problems, or just feel “worn-out” from the actual work? […]

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The Cold-Hard Truth About The Landscape Industry

truth-166853_640You’re probably reading this because you’re either thinking of starting a landscape business, or you have one and you’re “looking for answers”.

For the aspiring self-employed, or even for those considering career changes – these are big moves.  So you want to do your due diligence.  And if you already have a landscape business, maybe there’s a better way of doing things.

Well after 40 years in the trade, as you’d expect, I have some thoughts about the industry.  Maybe some of these will help guide you as to whether the landscape business is a good fit for you.  And if you have a landscape business maybe this will shed some new light on your current thinking. […]

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