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Fix A Soggy Lawn Area By Stone Steps

This could actually be a continuation of my last post on installing flagstone in grass. While setting the new flagstone path we came across a soggy area of lawn at the bottom of a stone stairway.  The homeowner said this area was usually wet. Looking the situation over with landscape contractor Dave Kennedy, we determined […]

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Dry-set Stone Walls Meet Masonry Stone Steps – RB Project #8.4

As you can see the stone walls on the project are moving along nicely.  Of course the progress you see did not happen over night. These bluestone walls are being built by Lester Szajna (LA Contributor) and his crew.  If you stood there and watched for awhile, you would admire the skill and patience these […]

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Stonewall Construction – RB Project #6.3

Before I show you the early stages of the pool construction and the start of the cabana, I’d like you to see how the “dry-laid” stone walls are built. These four pictures represent some of the most important points in a dry-laid stone wall construction. (Click each picture to get an enlarged version.) Compaction and stable ground […]

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