Waterslide Installation – RB Project #7.6


Appearance vs. Specifications

This is not to say that one should win out over the other, but rather both should be considered for the end result. And yet it often comes down to a competing situation in a way. In all construction and home improvement projects, you should have the concern that what you’re doing will perform as intended and last for a good amount of time.  Today I think the word is “sustainable” – I still call it just “building it right”. But what a minute! Take a step back and ask yourself: “How’s it looking?” In positioning and installing this waterslide, appearance and specifications were constant considerations.

waterslide_setup2This particular waterslide was built in modular sections to fit this situation. There were critical setback limitations that required the slide fit within a certain space. In addition, the slide arrives from the manufacturer with installation specifications to insure it performs as designed.

To meet the installation requirement of the slide’s height over the water, crewmen had to cut a notch in the boulders. The result was a waterslide that looked even more integratedwaterslide_setup3 with the boulders and setting. Notice in the first picture at the top, to the left of the slide there’s a open space where the waterfall rock-work was stopped while awaiting the slide installation.  Now, with the slide in place, one carefully selected boulder fills that void.  This gives support for the earth and landscape which will surround the waterslide, but also visually connects the descending rock work with the slide.

Overkill?… Not With Footingswaterslide_setup4

How about these sonotube footings? There are 3 and the bottom of the slide is resting on boulders (which are mounted on the beam of the pool). Overkill? Think of it this way: Now all the earth, additional boulders, landscape plantings, etc. are added to complete the project; you will never have to worry this slide will move out of position. This is a phone call no contractor should ever get and no homeowner should ever have to make.

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